The Code of Honor is a document that guides and directs every decision we make in business and in our personal lives. Everyone on our team is fully committed to live these out on a daily basis. We ask fellow team members and clients to call us out for not abiding by any the items listed below:


This is the driving force that makes up our team. A love for our team, our work, and ourselves allows us to naturally take care of our clients with pure sincerity. Without this…it is just a job.


Treating others as we would want to be treated.


Being honest with ourselves first in everything, creates how we interact with the rest of the world.


Measure the Cost of everything we do and when we commit and give our word, it is completed exactly how we said it would be.

Paying the Price

Anything worth having must cost us something. Give all we have to the success of the team and other’s.

Being Called

This is the desire to be humble enough to accept another teammate’s calling out of my wrong actions, mistakes or laziness. It is holding each other to a higher level of performance.

Calling Others

The willingness to be bold and kind in bring up another teammate’s level of performance or broken agreement.

Goal Setting

Setting Goals and Standards that make us uncomfortable to push us further than we thought possible. Finding our true & full potential and real limitations.

Leave No One Behind

Cover for each other as much and as often as possible. When asked to step up for our teams we step up and watch each other’s back and businesses as if they were our own.