Code Of Honor

The Code of Conduct is a commitment that guides and directs decisions and actions in business as well as our personal lives. Each team member is fully committed to these expectations daily.


This principle is the driving force and foundation behind us and within our team. A love for our team, our work, and ourselves allows us to be true in all situations.


We treat others as we would want to be treated.


Being honest with ourselves first, and all others second.


Measure the Cost of everything we do and when we commit and give our word, it is completed as promised or better.


Being willing to give all we have to the success of the team and others at all times.

Being Called

In the pursuit of becoming our greatest self, we must start with our humility while being available for accountability. We accept another teammate’s calling out of our actions, mistakes, or missed excellence.

Calling Others

We must be bold, humble and kind while being willing to address another teammate’s level of performance or broken agreement. Always remain real with each other while remaining humble and human in the pursuit of excellence.

Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Setting goals and standards that stretch us and use our discomfort today for the ability for a higher excellence tomorrow.

Team Support

Cover for each other as often as possible. We commit to support each other in their efforts and fill in when necessary a temporary need as it arrises with humility and the same effort as if it were our assignment.


Remain within firm determination build on a foundation of bold and steady action that executes our integrity through humility and passion for our clients and teammates.